Printum Technology GmbH
Custom Converting & Web Handling Solutions

Engineering competitive advantages for your business with custom converting machinery and web handling equipment for maximum precision and high-speed roll-to-roll processes.

Custom Converting Machinery

As special-purpose plant engineers, we develop, design, and build specialized production plants and custom converting machinery to create better products across all industries processing rollstock from membranes to flexible solar panels.

Web Handling Solutions

As converting specialists, we also find the perfect solution for processing particularly demanding material webs like sensitive membranes or self-adhesive tapes, which includes non-contact web handling solutions.

Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

With different industry solutions for roll-to-roll manufacturing and converting processes, we industrialize the production of flexible solar modules, separator films for batteries, membrane electrode units for fuel cells, and many other products from the roll.

Roll-to-Piece Manufacturing

On top of that, we build fully automated roll-to-piece manufacturing plants that integrate all production steps: coating, laminating, printing, high-precision die-cutting, and roll-to-sheet slicing. And in the end, you get a ready-to-buy, high-quality product.

Our Specialized Machinery – Made in Germany

Highly specialized converting machinery and web handling solutions for maximum efficiency in multiple industries.

Tape Converting and Glue Traps
Fully automated assembly line to produce glue traps: Essentially an adhesive tape converting line guiding a substrate film that is printed, continuously glued, coated with pheromones (not shown), and laminated with silicone paper, then cut to length with punch-outs for suspension and stacked for packaging: Once packed, the glue traps are ready for sale.
Flexible Packaging
From paper roll to finished packaging with a recyclable bubble wrap replacement: the world’s first inline production plant for padded e‑commerce shipping bags that are flexible, robust, and 100 % recyclable. All in a single roll-to-piece manufacturing process with an output of over 15,000 flexible shipping bags per hour. 
Offline quality inspection and testing facility for in-house research and product development: We enable automated surface inspection and safety testing for catalyst-coated membranes and other fuel cell components: cracks and holes in the sensitive membrane are detected in a gentle roll-to-roll processing plant—delicate web handling solution for precise web speed and extremely low web tension.
Membrane Cutting Machine
Industrial roll cutting machinery for membrane manufacturers: Printum’s high-precision membrane cutter ensures gentle unwinding, particularly low web tension for continuous web transport, and micrometer-precise cuts of the ultra-thin membranes (down to 8 µ) from its parent roll.
Flexible Solar Panels
OEM cooperation: As special machinery manufacturers, it is part of our responsibility to create the solutions needed for a sustainable future: Organic photovoltaic technologies perfectly complement flexible solar panels. As a partner of a major equipment manufacturer, we enable the application of contact tapes, insulators, and other flexible technologies to promote this innovation.
Battery Production Line
OEM cooperation: High-performance production lines for separator foils are indispensable for the production of lithium-ion batteries. The highly reactive membrane at the battery’s heart acts as an ion exchanger between the cathode and anode and as a separator to prevent short circuits. We help to optimize manufacturing processes using roll-to-roll techniques. 
Digital Transfer Technology
OEM cooperation: The highly automated KURZ JETLINER 2D for narrow-web printing and digital label finishing: The digital transfer system with inkjet technology can be combined with various printing presses and label converting equipment for the digital finishing processes. Printum developed exact web handling solutions for the complex label finishing technique.
Digital 3D-Label Finishing
OEM cooperation: The refined DM-UNILINER 3D by Steinemann DPE (KURZ) enables digital transfer in web printing for an exceptionally appealing 3D label design with a metallic look and tactile relief prints: The high-quality material webs are sophisticatedly decorated inline — another complex label finishing process for which Printum supplied the perfect web handling solutions.
Multilayer Label Converting
Sandwich label production made easy with Printum: this solution, here in a modular design with room for various extensions, produces 5‑layered sandwich labels. We also offer solutions for precisely dispensing booklets of the highest quality. In fact, several renowned label printing and converting companies focusing on multilayer labels rely on production plants and machine equipment made by Printum.

Engineering Jobs in Ravensburg

Your position at one of the most successful converting machinery manufacturers in Germany

Printum Technology GmbH is a growing company from Ravensburg, Germany, serving a global niche market: the roll converting industry. Large companies such as 3M, KURZ, or Daimler use our processing plants and innovative start-ups that produce flexible solar panels or membrane technologies. 

Do you want to work with exciting companies like these? Contact us now! We look forward to your call! 

Printum Sondermaschinen Hersteller Firmengebäude in Ravensburg, Deutschland Anlagenbau Converting und Bahnführungslösungen für die Rollen-verarbeitende Industrie

News for Engineers and Manufacturers 

From mechanical engineering trends to sustainable future technologies: Immerse yourself in the world of the roll converting industry. 

News for Engineers and Manufacturers 

From mechanical engineering trends to sustainable future technologies: Immerse yourself in the world of the roll converting industry. 

Which roll would you like to process into which product?

As a global niche player in special machinery and plant engineering, we develop intelligent web handling solutions, roll processing, and converting technologies for particularly demanding materials. Among others, for fuel cells, membrane technologies, flexible solar panels, and other complex multilayer webs. 

What is your challenge? Feel free to contact us – without obligation – to learn more about our products and services.

Andreas Weigel
Managing Director