Microporous Air Turning Bar
A smarter web turner bar solution for non-contact web handling of sensitive and adhesive material webs.

Microporous Air Turning Bar –
Non-Contact Web Handling Solution

Standard rollers cannot handle scratch-sensitive and self-adhesive rollstock properly. The Microporous Air Turning Bar enables a steady airflow to sustain continuous non-contact web transport and gentle turning and flipping demanding materials such as adhesive tape or membranes. In addition, the air turner bar’s microporous surface technology enables gentle suction to hold material webs in place and ensure consistent web tension using uniform air intake. We developed this web handling air bar solution for various converting processes. Thus, it is customizable and easy to integrate with your existing converting machinery. 

Microporous Air Turning Bar –
Non-Contact Web Handling Solution

Kratzempfindliche und selbstklebende Rollenware lassen sich nicht über Standardwalzen führen. Die Mikroporöse Wendestange ermöglicht die kontaktlosen Bahnführung und die schonende Umlenkung von stark haftenden und sensiblen Materialbahnen wie Klebeband oder Membranen. The microporous surface enables non-contact web transport as well as zone-precise suction and holding of particularly sensitive or fragile material webs. The component was developed for your web converting processes, is customizable and can be easily integrated into your existing system.


  • Gentle web turning and reversing system.
  • Non-contact web handling air bar for adhesive materials
  • Simultaneous web drying with preheated air
  • Gentle suction grip technology to hold particularly sensitive or fragile material webs in place when turning

More advantages

  • Drastically reduced pressurized air consumption (compared to drilled web turner bars)
  • No wear (unlike standard web turning rollers)
  • No chemical anti-adhesives necessary
  • Significantly reduced waste
  • Enables space-saving applications like the Multilayer Label Converting Kit

Areas of application 

  • Production and processing of adhesive tapes and sticky films, such as self-adhesive labels and many others
  • Highly sensitive or fragile materials such as membranes 
  • Scratch-sensitive or delicately processed webs
  • Webs with high-quality glueing, coating or printing
  • Freshly coated or printed webs

Customization and assembly

  • Highly customizable order
  • Available in different sizes
  • Various end heads as needed 
  • Various micropore segments as needed
  • Easy installation and integration with your existing converting line

Comparing non-contact web handling air bars

Printum’s Microporous Air Turning Bar is a web reversing system that uses a carefully refined microporous surface technology – unlike other manufacturers’ solutions that mainly offer drilled web turner bars with comparatively large holes. For non-contact web handling, a homogeneous pressurized air flow creates an air cushion on the web turner bar’s surface, making your webs hover through your converting line. As a result, web turning is much more seamless, effectively preventing waste due to friction damage. Above all, the microporous surface structure significantly reduces the consumption of pressurized air that is evenly distributed. It thus also lowers production costs – in sharp contrast to outdated web handling systems with drilled air bars. 

Contactless web transport vs. suction grip technology

Many industrial users of the Microporous Air Turning Bar appreciate the possibility of non-contact web transport, as they can handle and turn strongly adhesive materials easily and efficiently – without the need for chemical anti-adhesives. This is a significant advantage when processing high-quality flexible webs, particularly sensitive to scratching or freshly coated or printed webs. Simultaneous web drying (with preheated air) is also possible. Others focus on the suction grip technology: A uniform vacuum enables process-reliable and zone-accurate suction to hold continuously running webs in position when turning without losing quality due to wear. 

Designed for complex web converting processes 

Printum’s air turner bar solution was developed for your challenges with strongly adhesive or sensitive materials. We customize your turning bar in size, length, and diameter, in 360 degrees or partially segmented, rotary, or semi-rotary. On top of that, we connect and adjust different endings and micropore segments as required. Let us know which dimensions you need for your web converting processes, and we will advise you in-depth. 

Our Web Handling Air Bars at Work

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Andreas Weigel
Managing Director